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Legend of Basara

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basara vols 15-25 for sale [13 Jan 2013|02:24am]

i have vols 15-25 of the basara manga for sale. all are in good condition and are in english. $30 or best offer. i have feedback on the community of sm collector
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Sarasa Fanart, Ring. [18 Jul 2011|04:41pm]


I started this picture soon after reading about Sarasa and Shuri's tragic meeting as Tatara and the Red King, because even though I recognised that the drama was a little overwrought, it made me feel intensely. Sarasa has been with Shuri for months, relishing her meetings with him because they give her a respite from being the leader of revolutionary forces, and because they allow her to express herself as a girl and an individual separate from the prophecy, as she desperately wishes. Imagine her shock, her pain and her tangle of emotions when she finds out, in the middle of a decisive battle, that Shuri is the Red King, the very man responsible for her brother's death and the death of many of the people of her own village. She has sworn to get revenge and revenge is one of her main motivators. What is she to do when she finds out that this guy she hates in that way you can only hate an image or an idea is simultaneously the man she knows and loves?
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Selling: Volumes 18, 19, 21, 22 [15 Nov 2010|03:01pm]


In my quest to complete my Basara set (what a mission that was! ^^;;), I managed to double up on 4 volumes (you can see my other copies in the background of the picture). I would love to sell them away as I have no need for doubles. The volumes in question are
18, 19, 21 and 22 (urls link to their respective Amazon pages). 

Photos and More InfoCollapse )Photos and More InfoCollapse )

If you're interested please leave a comment here or PM my LJ with your offer. =) Hope to hear from you! ^_^

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Manga / Anime merch for sale [09 Jul 2010|01:25pm]

Hi, I hope this is okay to post here. I'm selling a large amount of my anime / manga collection due to money problems.

One of the items I am selling is the entire Basara manga series. I really, really hate selling it, it is one of my favorite series, but I'm a real money emergency. I will sell you the whole series for 30% of the cover price, or best offer!

Please let me know if you are interested, and check out my post for more stuff!
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Scans request [29 Apr 2010|10:53pm]

Hi all!
I was in a Basara mood recently and decided to re-read the english scanlations all over again. That's when I noticed that one important part was missing... the special Tamu Tamu Time in volume 26!! (you know, the one that has additional information about all the side stories).

Noticing this I was just about to scan in my copies to translate them myself when I remembered that the entire thing has already been released by Viz in the US ^^;;

Since I only own the japanese version I'd love it if someone could scan the translated version for me. Just those four pages!
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Mood Icon Set [02 Apr 2009|07:11pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I absolutely adore Shinbashi, and since he is such an expressive little bird, I made a mood icon set. I was having so much fun with it, I thought I'd share.

If anyone is interested, you can check them out on my photobucket or download the zip.

If you use these, I'd appreciate credit.

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Selling: Basara Phonecard [24 Nov 2008|03:06pm]

Hi all,
I have a Basara Japan phonecard (3.5" X 2.5" - standard phonecard size) for sale! This phonecard is used but is in excellent condition. It features a beautiful illustration by Yumi Tamura :) Pic here:
Read more...Collapse )
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[07 Aug 2008|08:28pm]

I'm posting these, I'm sorry they're a few ç_ç
[+] 1 to 3 Devil May Cry icons (anime ver.)
[+] 4 to 12 Legend of Basara icons (Ageha mainly)
I hope you'll enjoy ^^ (if used, please credit ;D)

Sample . . . . .
such a nostalgic number
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Shuuri/Sarasa Colorbar [16 May 2008|02:42pm]

i wouldn't know, because i didn't grow up to be all twisted, like you
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Artbooks? [28 Apr 2008|03:58pm]

Hi again to the few who are reading. :D

I'm wondering if anyone knows any place online to buy the two Basara artbooks? I'm assuming they've been out of print for a while, actually, but I figured I'd ask anyway. Thanks.

- Rebecca
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Volume 20 of the manga. [14 Apr 2008|10:18pm]

Hi everyone.

This is a long shot, but does anyone know where I could purchase volume 20 of VIZ's English translation? It's the only volume I'm missing and everywhere says it's out of print.

Thanks for any help at all. :D
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Legend of Basara fandom help [21 Mar 2008|10:32am]

Hey, if anyone could, the article about the Legend of Basara fandom on Fan History could use some one to help edit it and contribute to explaining to the history of fandom. I'm the primary contributor and I'm just not familiar enough with the fandom to be able to add details like fandom fighting, influential fanworks and in creating a list of members of the fandom. Any help with the article would thus be very much appreciated. :) Thanks.
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A plea. Haha. [09 Feb 2008|04:58pm]

Hello everyone.

I'm posting to ask if anyone here might have or know where I can see manga scantilations for volume 20 of Basara. Viz seems to have taken this particular volume and made it out of print, which has really made me angry (I can't find it ANYWHERE in other words). I NEED to read the rest and can't until I've read 20.

Also, while we're at it: Your top five Basara characters? This manga has just blown me away. The best thing I've ever had the pleasure of reading, really. Feel free to elaborate on why if you feel the need.

1. Asagi
2. Hayato
3. Ageha
4. Shuri
5. Sarasa

I wish there were more major female characters...

Anyway, anyone who can help me, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

- Rebecca
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Viz's release of the manga. [17 Jan 2008|09:27pm]

Hello all.

I'm just posting to ask how Viz handled the translation and such. Is it printed in the original way and not flipped? Do they edit or censor anything? Do they keep honorifics? Things like that. Thanks very much for opinions, etc.
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48 icons [07 Dec 2007|05:33pm]


20  x Basara
10 x Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning
18 X Togari



(icons here)

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Icons [09 Nov 2007|12:48pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Just a small batch (10 total) of assorted styles and characters.


see the rest here @ superfruit

Enjoy :D

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tranlsations? [29 Sep 2007|12:58am]

i'm currently looking for translations of volumes 21-27.

anybody know where i might find some?
i'm looking forward to finally finishing this story without missing out on all the dialogue.
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60 icons, 20 Friends Only banners [10 Sep 2007|03:17am]

  5 x Art of Seduction
22 x Death Trance
13 x Samurai Deeper Kyo
10 x Shirogane no Karasu/Silvery Wing
10 x Stardust



Banners(all small)

4 x Basara
11 x Samurai Deeper Kyo
5 x Stardust

Most of these are very simple graphics made to experiment with a few new(to me) techniques too see if it would be easier, and the banners were made because I needed a new one.

(rest here at my lj)
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Hi [01 Sep 2007|08:44pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi sorry to ask you this but can you re-upload Basara volume 17 and up please. I haven`t read it yet.I tried the other links but they all expired.

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40 Icons [24 Apr 2007|07:01pm]

25 x Basara
15 x Fruits Basket/Furuba



(icons thisaway)
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