Rebecca (gracefulnanami) wrote in legendofbasara,

A plea. Haha.

Hello everyone.

I'm posting to ask if anyone here might have or know where I can see manga scantilations for volume 20 of Basara. Viz seems to have taken this particular volume and made it out of print, which has really made me angry (I can't find it ANYWHERE in other words). I NEED to read the rest and can't until I've read 20.

Also, while we're at it: Your top five Basara characters? This manga has just blown me away. The best thing I've ever had the pleasure of reading, really. Feel free to elaborate on why if you feel the need.

1. Asagi
2. Hayato
3. Ageha
4. Shuri
5. Sarasa

I wish there were more major female characters...

Anyway, anyone who can help me, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

- Rebecca
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